Safety at rush

We kindly recommend to read this safety information before your visit to our park. If you are a first timer or your last time was a long time ago, you’ll have to watch our 4 minute safety video in the park.

Risks of trampolINE JUMPING

Jumping on a trampoline can be dangerous. It includes physical risks such as abrasions, bruises, bone fractures and even death as a result of heavy impacts to the head. Understanding and following safety instructions reduce these risks. This way everyone can perform the activities safely.
Weight limit in the trampoline park is 110 KG (243 lbs.)

Before your jump session

Forbidden in the park

AFTER YOUR JUMP SESSION you must exit the trampoline area. The number of people on the trampoline area is limited for safety purposes. If you are at the trampoline area outside of your dedicated time you are responsible for possible damages caused to yourself or other jumpers.

How to jump safely?

  1. Jump according to your skill level. STAY IN CONTROL! Always practice flips and other acrobatics in to the foam pit first.
  2. When exhausted – remember to rest and hydrate. Jumping while tired increases the risk of injury greatly.
  3. Only one person at a time on a trampoline. Do not go to another person’s trampoline.
  4. Always land on both feet.
  5. NEVER jump head first to any part of a trampoline, foam pit of air bag.
  6. Watch out for the padding between trampolines. There are metal trampoline frames under the pads.
  7. Read activity specific instructions and restrictions for example at Wipeout, Laser Maze and Stunt Jump.
  8. Recognize your capabilities at more demanding activities such as Stunt Jump and the more powerful Airwalk and large trampolines.


Rush can film in the park for marketing and communication purposes. Notify the staff beforehand by email if you do not wish to be shown in our material.

Rush staff takes care of safety and performs necessary procedures in the case of emergency. Each jumper takes care of their own appropriate accident insurance and possible medical expenses in case of injury as in normal sporting activites.
Neglecting Rush safety instructions or Rush staff can lead to removal from the park without a refund. Repeated neglect of safety instructions can lead to an entry ban to the park.

Rush staff has the right to check customers’ identities at the park.

If you bring children to the park, you have pre-existing injuries, you are pregnant or you are part of a particular risk group, read the extra notes below.

0-8 year olds at Rush

My state of health

Trampolining while pregnant

IF you have any of the previously mentioned conditions or limitations that you think might hinder with trampolining, please discuss them with the staff before entering the trampoline area.

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