Rush Helsinki

Rush Helsinki was established in 2016 and it was the first trampoline park in the Nordic Countries. You can find a variety of activities in the park which are suitable for goal oriented training, exercising or just having a good time. There are over one hundred trampolines in the park area, including an exciting free fall from the 5 meter Stunt Jump.



Rush Helsinki is located in Helsinki Pitäjänmäki area, close to the Valimo train station. It takes around 10 minutes from the Helsinki Central Railway Station and 5 minutes from Leppävaara Sello shopping mall. Check out arriving to Rush Helsinki video.

Public Transportation

The A-train can be taken from Helsinki Central Railway Station or from Leppävaara to Valimo station located 200 meters from the park entrance. Bus 54 stops almost right in front of the park.


There’s a spacious parking lot in front of the park operated by Europark Oy. Unfortunately, parking is not free and the parking payment machine is located near the front door. Parking fee can also be paid with Easypark’s or Parkman’s apps.


Check out answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ-page.


OPENING HOURS (24.6-4.8.2024)
MON - FRI 10-19
SAT 9-19*
SUN 10-16
NOTICE! 16.-17.7. PARK OPEN FROM 10-18.
OPENING HOURS (starting from 5.8.)
MON - FRI 14-20
SAT 9-20*
SUN 9-19*

Park opens 15 mins prior to the first jump session. Hohtohyppy on every WED, FRI & SAT at 17.00!

*Naperopomppu session from 9-10.



Check out for more videos on Rush’s YouTube channel



Have you ever imagined how it would feel to walk on a wall? Do you have an urge to defy gravity? If so, our Airwalk is the thing you have been looking for!

Slam Dunk

Have you always dreamed of dunking but you've never been able to do it because of your height or you weren't able to jump high enough? Don't worry because now your dreams will come true! Let the feeling of being a NBA player take you over while dunking into our baskets. Slam Rush!

Stunt Jump

Are you daring enough to experience a free fall? Jump from a five meter high platform to a gigantic airbag and land on your back or bottom.


There are almost 50 trampolines in our Freestyle area. Practice your tumbling combos on our 20 meter trampoline streets and take your trampoline experience to the next level with our trampoline walls.

Fidget Ladder

Challenge your balance and try to get to the end of the swinging ladder. There is a soft foam pit under the ladder so falling is absolutely safe!

Battle Beam

Experience a gladiatorlike duel! Who shall be the king of the Battle Beam and who will fall into the pit?

Foam Pit

Feel the amazing sensation of flying when jumping into our gigantic Foam Pit. There are various jumping platforms to perform all kind of tricks and flips.

Lazer Maze

Lazer Maze trampoline room offers you a possibility to test your speed and skills. Cooperate with you friend and try to hunt or dodge lazer beams. Come to Rush Vantaa and try to get your name on the scoreboard!


Challenge your balance on a six-meter long slackline. Compete with your friend who stays longer on the slackline or who gets to the other side first!


Challenge your speed, balance and agility! Dodge the spinning beam by jumping over the lower beam and going under the upper beam. There can be eight competitors at the same time in Wipeout. This activity is only suitable for jumpers over 120 cm.