Rush Freestyle Club

Rush Freestyle Club is a new free practice club for trampoline tricking where the more skilled and advanced can freely train with each other outside the park’s opening hours. A Rush instructor is guiding and supervising during the club.


Rush Freestyle is a free practice club held on Tuesdays outside the park’s opening hours, when the park is closed to other customers. Rush Freestyle Club offers a diverse training environment and, above all, a good training team and other enthusiastic friends. There is no age limit in the club but each participant must have skills for good basic trampoline jumping. The Bonkers instructor is always on site monitoring and ensuring both good atmosphere and safe training during the club. The purpose of the Rush Freestyle Club is to provide a trouble-free and safe enviroment for motivated trainees where they can get help from others and challenge each other. In addition to free practice, the Bonkers instructor always pulls a common initial warm-up to build up a team spirit and to ensure that everyone can start practicing safely. The Rush Freestyle Club requires from its participants to have basic skills of the trampoline tricking so that the free practice session is safe and enjoyable for the participant as well as other co-trainees.

Those who have bought a Autumn season ticket will receive Rush socks and a Freestyle Season Bracelet at the start of the season. Also during the season they can get – 20 % discount on the Season Pass (Kausari) bought from the check out (a personal benefit / does not apply for single ticket participants).

Participants that have bought a single ticket can buy Rush socks at the check out for 3 € / pair if they don’t have them yet.



18 € 238 € RUSH FREESTYLE CLUB 7pm-8.30pm No age limit (Note! Skill level requirements)




  1. Go to Rush web store. Click here.
  2. Choose desired Tuesday from a calendar
  3. Choose desired ticket type (season / single).
  4. Please remember to add the first and the last name of the participant into ‘Lisätiedot’ field before commencing with the payment.



We require Freestyle Club participants to become familiar with the safety rules of the Rush Trampoline Park. The participant must understand all the rules and strictly follow them in all situations.

During the Rush Freestyle Club, the Rush trampoline park will be closed to other customers. Besides the club members, a Rush instructor will be on spot to monitor the safety of the trainees. The Rush instructor also participates in the training and acts as the person in charge during the club. It is essential to follow the instructions of the Rush instructor in all situations. During the Rush Freestyle Club, the number of participants cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the park at the time.

Rush instructors monitor the well-being and safety of participants and take the necessary first aid measures in the event of an injury. Rush does not insure individuals participating in the Rush Freestyle Club. Each participant / participant’s guardian must ensure that personal insurance is sufficient for this type of activities. Each participant is responsible for any medical expenses caused by the accident

Rush reserves the right to photograph material inside the park for marketing and informational purposes. If you do not want yourself or your dependents to appear in our marketing materials, please notify us in advance by e-mail Further inquiries and contacts regarding the club can be sent by e-mail to

Ground rules for club activities

Cancellation Policy (SEASON TICKET)