Bonkers Classes

Bonkers is a tricking class for children aged from 7 to 14 years. In Bonkers Classes we practice various tricks using different trampoline elements. Trampolines function as an excellent extra training for almost all sports. Jumping on a trampoline develops balance, motor and reaction skills, strengthens muscles and works as an excellent aerobic exercise. Trampolines are fit for all ages.

Here’s some skill samples from our Bonkers instructors!


Bonkers season starts on Tuesday January 19, 2021 and continues until the end of May. NOTICE! Classes are in Finnish.

Bonkers is a tricking and tumbling class for children. During the classes you will get to know our tricking masters and learn the basics of trampoline jumping.

Training sessions always include 45 minutes of tutoring and 15 minutes of free time. The max. size for the group is 10 children.
There will be 17-18 training sessions in total.

No charging fee for following days (no classes on these days):
– Tuesday: week 8
– Thursday: weeks 8 and 19

Everyone who has signed up for Bonkers in the beginning of Spring season 2021 will get a Rush Bonkers bottle and Rush workout bag.


LEVEL 1: For children who are starting to learn tricks and cannot handle basic flips (front/side/back). At level 1 we practice the basics of safe trampoline jumping and encourage children to perform their first tricks.

LEVEL 2: Participants should know the basics of trampoline jumping and should be able to perform some basic tricks.

During the first two weeks we will evaluate your child’s tricking skills. Depending on the situation instructors can propose changes in groups to meet your child’s skill level.

ON TUESDAYS 19.1.- 25.5.2021 – 18 SESSIONS (288€)

Time Age Level
5PM – 6PM 7-12 yrs. LEVEL 1
6PM – 7PM 7-10 yrs. LEVEL 2
7PM – 8PM (FULL) 11-14 yrs. LEVEL 2

ON THURSDAYS – 21.1.- 27.5.2021 – 17 SESSIONS (272€)

Time Age Level
5PM –6PM 7-10 yrs. LEVEL 2
6PM – 7PM 11-14 yrs. LEVEL 2
7PM – 8PM 7-14 yrs. LEVEL 1

Training fee for Bonkers Classes is 16€ / training session, and it includes 17-18 sessions during Spring 19.1.-27.5.2021.


Please contact us by email if you would like to start the club in the middle of the season:



For every 10 children there’s at least one Bonkers instructor who will take care of the whole group. On the first meeting the Bonkers instructor explains the rules and everyone watches the safety video together. Bonkers instructors are present during the whole class so it’s not mandatory for parents to watch over their children.

Bonkers instructors monitor the children all the time. Instructors are also educated to give first aid if needed. Rush Trampoline Park does not have an insurance for Bonkers participants. Parents are advised to get an insurance for their children which covers at least possible injuries and their treatments.

Rush might take media footage from the trampoline area for marketing and information purposes. If you do not wish your children to be seen on Rush’s media footage, please notify us beforehand by emailing

Bonkers-related contacts and inquiries can be emailed to

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