Rush iltis

Rush iltis – After school club for kids

Forget boring afternoons and sign up your kid to the Rush After School Club! Rush Iltis is meant for schoolchildren (3-6 graders). Your children will get their daily dose of exercise and homework will also be done in no time. After School Clubs are held on weekdays (Mon-Fri) – excluding School Holiday seasons.

Rush iltapäiväkerhot

In Rush After School Club we provide a separate room for kids to do their homework from 1.30PM – 4PM (front doors open at 1PM). We also offer an after school snack for all participants (snack biscuit /yogurt + juice/smoothie). In Rush After School Clubs kids will have the whole park at their disposal. Participants must check themselves in and out at the front desk. Clubs are arranged in Rush Helsinki.

No clubs during weeks 42-43!


NOTICE! It’s not mandatory to register in advance to the club. Customers can just tell their name upon arrival and show a series ticket/season pass or buy a single ticket.

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Ground rules for AFTER SCHOOL CLUB